Over the years Kathleen has published a number of articles in magazines and journals and presented papers and a variety of conferences. Most of these relate to her years of field research and study of Appalachian textiles and handcrafts. Some of these articles may interest readers who missed issues magazine such as Country Living, Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot and Handwoven in the 1990s or didn’t attend a conference during the years when Kathleen was primarily interviewing local residents in southern Appalachia gathering stories and histories of the region from descendents of the earliest settlers. The selection of articles under this heading will change occasionally.

Current Articles

  • The Handweaving of Allie Josephine Mast 1861-1936
  • Fabric and Fiction: The Clinch Valley Blanket Mills, 1890-1950
  • Five Generations of Women, 1790-1910