Max Flax

Welcome to “The Adventurous Max Flax”

Follow along with Max Flax as he shows you how he is transformed from a plant growing in the Irish countryside into an elegant linen shirt worn by a coffee plantation owner in South America.

Linen cloth made on the island of Ireland is famous all over the world. For centuries, kings and queens, rich and poor, old and young alike wore linen.

Linen is woven with fibers found inside the tall, slender flax plant. The fibers are very strong and durable, giving the finished cloth special properties that make it suitable for many things other than clothing. Linen has been used to make fire hose, tablecloths, flags, maps, book covers, and feed sacks. During World War I, Irish linen was used as the outer skin of the Sopwith Camel airplane that was flown by English fighter pilots.

Flax fibers could be spun into fine sewing thread or thick rope. It was used for tennis rackets, baseballs, riding saddles, and fishing nets. Flax seed is good to eat and sold in most health food stores today. Animals like it too. The seed can be turned into linseed oil for cooking. You may have one of these products in your house.


Join Max on his adventure from Ireland to South America in Adventurous Max Flax.

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