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 Congratulations on the successful publication of the book. It is always a relief to finally see all the hard work translated into print and to relish a sense of completion. Now, on to vol two….! Unfortunately I shall not be in Ireland at the time of the Linen Hall Launch so please accept my apologies, but I will think of you on the day. Seamus

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  1. Kia
    June 16, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    Thanks! I actually live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Two of my gerrdpaannts were born in Clontarf, their grandparents having been some of the pioneer settlers to the area in the late 1870s. I have visited Ireland several times, and on my last visit I found the Irish people to be a bit more curious about their relatives who left for America. Since I have done some of my own research about my Irish relatives in America, I thought I could help them a little bit. Thanks again for the comment I appreciate it!Aine

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