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Presentation in Portsmouth, Virginia Tuesday March 27th

I will be giving a slide presentation at the Commodore Theatre in Portsmouth. Come join me for lunch and listen to a presentation on the history of Irish linen and its influence on the culture of Irish people on both sides of the Atlantic. For more informations. please go to the Commodore Theatre website: www.commodoretheatre.com.


IRISH PEOPLE, IRISH LINEN TALK AT THE COMMODORE THEATRE For 400 years, Irish linen was the premier industry of the island of Ireland. A new book by Kathleen Curtis Wilson, Irish People, Irish Linen (Ohio University Press, 2011) explores this history through art and design, architecture, technology, economic history, and cultural traditions. The author will talk about her work with a media presentation on Tuesday, March 27, at noon at the Commodore Theatre in Portsmouth.

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