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Presentation In San Francisco on May 20th

Sunday, May 20,  4pm  Irish People, Irish Linen with Kathleen Curtis Wilson.

Ms. Wilson will speak about her highly acclaimed book Irish People, Irish Linen  – the story of the craft, industry, and traditions of the Irish linen trade. The story of Irish linen is a story of the Irish people. Many thousands of men and women made Irish linen a global product and an international brand. Into this cultural history Ms. Wilson weaves personal narratives and the words and songs of individual spinners, factory workers, and out-workers like Sarah McCabe, who created fabulous linen lace.  The book has garnered high praise, with one scholar proclaiming “Kathleen Curtis Wilson eloquently describes the saga in her beautifully illustrated book on linen, the queen of fabrics.”Ms. Wilson arrived at her passion for textile crafts early in life, captivated by a chest full of Japanese fabrics she found in her grandparents’ attic, she pursued weaving from the age of 12 under expert tutelage.  She became a renowned authority on Appalachian crafts, and became increasingly drawn to the Scots-Irish roots of Southern textiles, and linen in particular.  This took her on a path of discovery to Northern Ireland and the treasures of linen craft that have been handed down for generations.

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